The Complete, Competency-Based Learning Solution
CompetencyMill provides comprehensive training solutions to both individuals and companies. We offer a variety of e-Learning courses, practical on-the-job training guides, and competency verification tools at industry-leading prices.
We are the competency-based learning solution.

What Makes CompetencyMill Different?

CompetencyMill offers training solutions that focus on what’s really important to individuals and organizations – competency.

Where appropriate, our training programs include a combination of e-Learning presentations, progress quizzes, mastery quizzes, on-the-job training checklists, and competency evaluation checklists.

By verifying competency, companies save time and money without sacrificing employee knowledge and skills. Retraining for the sake of certification alone - gone! If more training is needed, it's as simple as point and click. Ready for a tour?

Everything is facilitated, delivered, and tracked online through our simple yet elegantly powerful mini-LMS (Learning Management System).

Price Differentiation

CompetencyMill offers industry-leading courses for a fraction of what others charge. We offer these incredible prices because we believe in safety. A little now makes a huge difference later on. Everyone benefits from a safe workforce.

Founding Members: Our founding members include the Alberta forest products manufacturers who are active members of the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA).

Our streamlined content saves you “other” money!

Most e-Learning programs are bloated and overly time-consuming. This detracts from the learning experience and it also adds up to a lot of non-productive time.

Our training programs cover the essential information, test for basic understanding, then provide you with a framework for consistent on-the-job training and competency verification tools, where appropriate. Your trainees will retain more of the important information and they will be getting started on their work duties more quickly.

Unlimited Content Viewing

All training programs remain “open” for unlimited viewing by the trainee for the duration of their certification. We encourage our trainees to treat CompetencyMill as a resource where things can be looked up, or training refreshed.

Verifiable Course Completion Documents

CompetencyMill offers downloadable and printable training records that have unique Verification Codes. These codes can be by used by employers to verify the training and to view more detailed records.

Our customer support system is everywhere!

CompetencyMill is easy to use and it keeps getting better. We offer Live Help on every page and we are usually able to respond immediately. Furthermore, we use your questions to learn more about our software, how it is used, and where people encounter challenges. Our goal is to make your experience as good as it can be.

Give us a try – completely risk free.

If you like what you are seeing so far, jump in and give CompetencyMill a try first hand! Join for free, without a credit card, take a course on us, and nobody will bother you. With that said, we’ll be standing by with our renowned Live Help to answer any questions that you have.

Welcome to CompetencyMill! We do things differently – and on so many different levels.