Privacy Policy

At CompetencyMill, we take your privacy very seriously. You can rest assured that your personal information will remain private and secure. All sharing of information is ultimately controlled by you, the end user.

Privacy Notes Regarding Individual & Company Accounts

Individual Accounts

If you subscribe to CompetencyMill as an Individual, then only the folks at CompetencyMill can see your profile information. If, however, you choose to print and share a Training Certificate with your current (or potential) employer, then they will be able to look at your CompetencyMill contact information and see the training record for the single course that the Verification Code applies to. For example, they will be able to see your profile information and that you completed your WHMIS training on a certain date.

Company Accounts

If the organization that you work for has added you to CompetencyMill, then the Company Administrators have access to your information. CompetencyMill headquarters also has access.

End-users who complete training programs are offered an opportunity to download (and print) a certificate of training. These certificates also include a Verification Code that allow the viewer to access the basic information about the trainee, and their successful completion of the training program.

Questions About Our Privacy Policy

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CompetencyMill is deployed on state of the art servers, running the most actively developed and secure webserver architecture available, in a restricted access server storage facility. All data sent to and from the server is secured with a verifiable 256-bit encryption SSL certificate. All user account passwords are hashed and not stored in plain-text and no credit card information is saved or stored on the server after a completed training or credit purchase.

Security & Privacy FAQ

How long is data retained by CompetencyMill?

Data is maintained my CompetencyMill forever as it is used to track training compliance and history. However, when a user is deleted, their personal information and training history is also deleted.

Is the data shared with other organizations? If so, for what purpose?

When training is completed, a verification code is issued on the certificate. This verification code can be used by others to verify the validity of the certificate. Who ends up with this information is up to the person who is issued the certificate of completion. CompetencyMill does not share verification codes publicly anywhere.

Who has access to personal information?

Users can access their own data.

Your company CompetencyMill Account administrators have access to all information within your organization.

CompetencyMill HQ personnel with suitable permissions have access to everything. This includes senior personnel and our Live Help operators.

What happens if there is a privacy security breach?

Although this is unlikely to ever happen, if our server is compromised company administrators will be notified within 24 hours by Senior CompetencyMill personnel.

Who owns the data? Can the data be exported?

CompetencyMill owns the courses and quizzes but the subscribing companies own their data. Companies can also export information from CompetencyMill so it can be carried-forward as needed.

If a staff member leaves our company, or somebody is no longer a user, do they still have access to their personal information?

They do until your company either disables or deletes the user.

Where is the data physically stored?

Our servers are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in a state-of-art secured storage facility.


CompetencyMill is hosted in Canada and is subject to Canadian Privacy Laws. We will not share your information with anyone, unless required to by law.